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Rhaegar : The Last Dragon by Bhargav08 Rhaegar : The Last Dragon by Bhargav08

As Prince Rhaegar entered into the throne chamber at King’s Landing, after a long chaotic journey, he saw his father King Aerys II seated on the throne. His disappointed face was furiously staring at him. Rhaegar ascended the steps and bowed by kneeling before the king.

“What have you done, Rhaegar?” the king growled.

Rhaegar stood straight up before his father.

“You have brought this war on us,” the king said furiously. “Those two boys Robert Baratheon and Eddard (Ned) Stark have been winning battles after battles, increasing their army against us. I thought they would die in few days, but those two boys proved to be threat. Are you also with them, conspiring against me? Do you want to kill me and take this throne?”

“If I had such intentions, I wouldn’t be here, your grace,” Rhaegar replied softly. “I’ve come to take command of our army.”

“It is still your fault. You abducted that Stark Woman and they started a rebellion,” the king glared. “First, you married that Dornish Woman and now, this Stark Woman. You’ve always chose poorly. No one has disgraced our family except you.”

Rhaegar remained quiet, lowering his gaze.

“Where is she? Where is that Stark Woman?” the king demanded.

“I’ve come to help you, father. Let me help,” Rhaegar said.

“Everyone is conspiring against me,” the king murmured. “Robert, Eddard, Jon, everyone. They always wanted my throne. And now you gave them a reason to rebel.”

Rhaegar had heard enough. His mind was boiling with anger. He glared at the king who was still murmuring under his breath, cursing everyone. He knew his father had been living among illusions, believing everyone wanted his throne. That was the reason Rhaegar went to live in Dragonstone.

“It is not entirely my fault,” Rhaegar spoke furiously. The king glared at him at very next moment, but Rhaegar didn’t lower his gaze. He kept looking into his eyes.

“You killed Brandon Stark and Lord Rickard Stark,” he yelled. “If I wanted such bloodshed, I would have attacked Winterfell. But that would be a fool’s idea. Then entire north would have killed each Targaryen. You could have kept them in prison, but you had them executed. Not only that. You commanded to bring heads of Robert and Eddard. We could have stopped the rebellion if there were only Baratheons and Arryn. But you killed Eddard’s brother and father. And he is leading most of the North Army to South. Don’t you know how large North is?”

The king quietly stared him in anger.

“When Robert raised his banners against you, he had less army. But Eddard went into North, and brought Northerners, by raising banners of Starks against the king. North has a huge amount of army. We don’t have dragons anymore. If they wanted to take the throne, they would have taken it years ago. Because we alone can’t win them. No one can. Did you think about that before killing Brandon and Rickard Stark? Northerners are loyal and noble,” Rhaegar said.

“You’re nothing but a stubborn boy,” the king said angrily.

“I’m heading to Trident with the army. But you should command Tywin Lannister to come with his army as soon as possible. I doubt how long we could hold Robert, Eddard and Jon. We need Lannisters’ Army,” Rhaegar suggested.

“I will,” the king nodded.

“And send mother, Viserys and Elia and children to Dragonstone. They would be safe there until we succeed to stop the rebellion,” Rhaegar said.

The king quietly nodded.

Rhaegar bowed again and turned around to leave.

“Rhaegar,” the king called.

Rhaegar turned and glanced at him.

“I only have two sons. Viserys is not young enough to succeed me. But you are. And I want both of my sons alive,” the king said.

Rhaegar kept looking at him for moment, wondering how the king spoke like a father. He hadn’t listened him speaking like this in years, especially, after his marriage.

“I always thought you are the prince that was promised,” the king said softly. “I still believe.”

“No, I’m not. My son Aegon is the prince that was promised,” Rhaegar said.

“But the dragon always has three heads. You have two children,” the king said. “You were born amidst smoke. And you’re the dragon’s blood.”

“I know. But I’m not the one. My son will be the prince that was promised,” Rhaegar said.

The king kept looking at him silently.

“Protect him,” Rhaegar muttered. He flickered his eyes to Lord Varys who was standing beside the throne.  

Rhaegar turned around and walked out of the throne room, which was his last walk across the hallway.

Fictional conversation written by me based on the books of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin.

adrianocadau Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
so good!
Bhargav08 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
adrianocadau Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
you are welcome xd
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